Children’s books by Richard Heddington

Book 6 out now.

Henry the Hedgegnome and the forgetful fairy.

Henry meets a fairy who can’t remember why she has come to the garden. Can Henry the Hedgegnome and some of his garden friends work out what the fairy was supposed to do? And can they get the job done in time?


Everyone loves a Bedtime story Watch Richard read Henry the Hedgegnome has a busy day.


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A Bedtime story video Watch Richard read Henry the Hedgegnome’s amazing Christmas Day

About Richard Heddington

Why was Henry the Hedgegnome hiding in the attic for nearly 40 years? Read the fascinating story of how Henry the Hedgegnome books came to be published (and why it took so long).


Henry the Hedgegnome has been out with his camera to record the hedgehogs in the garden.

It sounds like these two are either playing choo-choo trains or they think they’re the Ninky Nonk.

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