What colour socks?

Henry the Hedgegnome needs your help. Henry the Hedgegnome is getting ready for a new adventure, but he can't decide what colour socks to wear. What colours do you think his stripy socks should be in the new book? Post your suggestion either in the...

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What’s your favourite soup? January is soup month.

January is Soup Month. Yummy! The weather might be cold, wet, and windy, but a nice big bowl of soup will soon warm you up. It doesn't need to be Soup Month for Henry the Hedgegnome to be making a huge pot of soup. The recipe he is making now is full of...

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Hobbit Day

The Hobbit - Doesn't look a year under 80! It doesn't matter if you are eleven or eleventy-one we all love an excuse for a feast, but not as much as a hobbit. Happy birthday Frodo and Bilbo Baggins. What's the best food for a joint birthday party? Did you know, the...

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Doodle Day

See your artwork on Henry the Hedgegnome’s website. Send your picture of Henry the Hedgegnome to henrypics@hedsite.co.uk and get your artwork on the Henry the Hedgegnome website. Free pictures to colour in are available on the freebies page Click here to get...

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Henry the Hedgegnome goes to Landrake.

Henry the Hedgegnome's pre-school visit. Henry the Hedgegnome went over the border and into Cornwall today. A big thank you to everyone at Sir Robert Gefferys Pre-School in Landrake, Cornwall, for asking us to visit. The children were so enthralled by the stories they...

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