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Find out what your favourite little hedgehog has been up to.

Being a children’s book character is not as easy as you might think. It’s not just sitting around waiting for the next story to happen. No. Henry the Hedgegnome leads an active social life being a superstar, and here is the place to keep up with his news.

Scrabble Day is a day for spelling things out

It's Scrabble Day. Henry the Hedgegnome has been spelling out his name, and Henry gives him a score of 11. Fortunately, he is on a triple word score, so he actually scores 33. What does your name score? A is worth 1 B is worth 3 C is worth 3 D is worth 2 E is worth 1...

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Henry the Hedgegnome fans dress up for World Book Day.

Thanks to the growing army of little Henry the Hedgegnome fans who love him every day of the year. It's World Book Day, and this little fan couldn't go to pre-school without wearing her Henry the Hedgegnome T-shirt. Check out this amazing Henry the Hedgegnome costume...

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W is for World Book Day 2017

World Book Day 2017. Reading is your gateway to the world. Henry the Hedgegnome is pointing to the places where you can buy his books. Whether you live in America, Zimbabwe, or anywhere in between, Henry the Hedgegnome children's books are available around the world....

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M is for Milk

MILK! What is Henry the Hedgegnome up to? This week he's had flour, eggs and milk. It sounds like a recipe. Maybe we will find out tomorrow.

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E is for Eggs.

EGGS! What is Henry the Hedgegnome up to? Yesterday, he had a bag of flour. Today he has got eggs. Maybe we will find out tomorrow.

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P is for Pancake Day

Everyone loves pancakes… and they are so simple to make. All you need is… FLOUR… EGGS… and MILK… And you get… PANCAKES! The hardest part about making pancakes is deciding on the filling. What will you put in yours?  ...

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Fashion Week

Henry the Hedgegnome knows a thing or two about fashion. You can't go wrong with stripy socks. How was your Fashion Week?

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S is for Skiing

SKIING! Henry has also learned that S is for… Snow St Moritz Switzerland Slalom and Ski Sunday Henry the Hedgegnome is jolly excited about the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.

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